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BA-L [liquid fluorescent brightening agent]
Main ingredients:diphenylethene
Dye CAS No.:C.I.FB 113#
Main technical index:

Index name



amber transparent liquid

Whitening strength

100(compared with standard products)

Color light

almost light

PH value


Performances and features:
BA-L was produced by introducing foreign advanced technology, and gets high effective whitening performance. This technology is the domestic leading level in China and suitable for all kinds of possible paper making application styles. This product gets higher performance cost and the best substitute for powder brightening agent and other liquid brightening agents
Application range:
1. Make fluorescence whitening in coating process.
2. Make fluorescence whitening in surface glue.
3. Make fluorescence whitening in paper slurry.
25kg and 50kg plastic drum or packing by demands from customers.
Note:store in cool, dry and ventilated conditions.