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Main component: distyrene derivative
C.I. No.: C.I.FB. 220#  
Technical indicators:

amber transparent liquid
PH value

Chemical properties: 
1. Heavy metal ions (such as Cu 2+, Fe2+, etc.) will affect the existence of the whitening product to use after effects.
2. Alkali resistance, intolerant of acid.
3. Thermal decomposition or long-term storage may cause irritating smell of gas has generated.
4. Long-term storage or in storage below freezing will cause caking or sedimentation, will be placed at room temperature or heating completely dissolved does not affect the products.

Properties and characteristics:  
1.Convenient to use, freely soluble in water, applicable to automatic continuous adding measuring.
2.With high acid resistance, and excellent brightening effect even at low PH value.
3.With high storage stability at normal temperature.
4.Especially applicable to brighten in coating and surface sizing.
5.With similar light fastness, acid resistance and alkali resistance with products alike.

Application method:  
1. In coating, it can be added at any place, and its effect will be better if work with PVC, CMC and starch. Normal dosage: 0.1-1.4% (of coating weight).
2. In surface sizing, its effect will be better if work whith common starch, CMC and PVC. Normal dosage: 0.5-10g/L.
3. It can be added into pulp directly. Normal dosage: 0.05-1.2% (of absolute dry pulp).

Packing and storage: Packed in 50kg, 250kg or 1000kg plastic drum, or according to client's requirements.