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[Trade name: Chrysophenine G]

Main ingredients: derivatives of stilbene
C.I.FB. 12#
Technical Index:


Index name



Deep yellow even powder

Color light

Similar to the standard

Standard intensity

100 points



Water-insoluble impurity



passed on more than 80 mesh


Performance and features:
Dyeing of Cellulose fiber; good dye absorption performance, big affinity capacity at 40 ℃, very good discharge performance. 
Scope of use:

Mainly used for the dyeing of cotton, linen, rayon, rayon and other cellulose fiber fabrics; dyeing of silk, nylon and other blending fabrics; also used in leather, paper pulp, biological dyeing and manufacturing of color lakes and pigments. 
Packing & storage:
20Kg, 25Kg woven bag or cardboard drum, or following your demands. Shelf life: 6 months
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