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C.I. No.: C.I.FB 113#
Specification: execute Q/3714JH01-2002
Main technical indicators:

straw yellow uniform powder
100 (compare with standard)
Water content, %≤
Insoluble matter in water, %≤
Fineness (180um residue) , %≤

Properties and use: 
Anionic, resistant to PH4.5-11. Mainly used in pulp brightening, surface sizing and coating, etc, with high acid resistance. Its brightening efficiency is apparently higher than VBL at PH4.5-7, and can reduce 15-25% of dosage. It is the first choice to produce paper of high brightness requirements, for it is fast to dissolve, with high brightness, without yellowing character. It can also be used to brighten cotton, flax and polyamide fibers, etc.

Application method: 
1. When brighten in pulp, BA should be added before alum or cationic auxiliary agent; dosage: 0.05-0.4% (of absolute dry pulp).
2. In surface sizing, it can work with CMC, PVA, starch, or anionic or cationic synthetic sizing agent.
3. In coating, it can be used at any stage of coating production in the form of aqueous solution after dissolved.

Packing: 25Kgcarton drum of woven bag lined with plastic bag.